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Along my own journey, I took A LOT of courses online. I learned so much from talented photographers and educators- and I also realized that things would have moved a lot faster for me if I had a real-live-person to ask the questions - why isn't this working? How do I get the look I want? What am I missing?

That is what I want to be for you! Based in the Albany, NY area, I have been hosting in person classes to teach camera and lighting basics. If you're a hobby photographer, a new photographer, a mom who wants to take her own photos of her kids or really ANYONE who wants to learn their camera - please send me a message through the form below! I would LOVE to see you at a future class!



What are my students saying?

Liv said:

"Hannah’s class taught me more in 40 minutes, than I learned in an entire semester of a photography class! The class made me see what I was missing in my photos. I really believe I will be more successful in the future, thanks to Hannah. I would 100% recommend her class to anyone who is just starting out and needs a little guidance.. maybe not totally comfortable with the tools on their camera. But, it is also for people who have been shooting and are missing something in their photos! Maybe you know you take good pictures but you know they are not up to your true potential. Hannah will answer any questions you have and that’s why it was so valuable to be in a small group setting. I left the class feeling 10x more confident than going in!"

Rosemary said:

"I have been struggling for YEARS to nail shots like this and after you explained how and why to shoot on full manual and control for ISO I got it in one minute while just sitting at the table with everyone."

Yousef said:

"This was such a valuable class! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get experience in photography, regardless of their skill level. I initially went into this class hoping I would be able to get better at photographing during harsh lighting, but I came out with so much more. Hannah showed us how to properly set up our cameras for each situation, how to work with lighting conditions (both ideal and harsh conditions), and what to look for when composing our shots. There were things I learned that I never would have thought of without years of photos. I am super excited now to go out and take great photos!"

Rebecca said:

"I wouldn’t be trying to build a business without taking the leap and investing in your class...

Seeing everything I learned in class come to life is just truly amazing.... (I am) so happy I took a whim to invest in myself and took the class. without that jump, I wouldn’t be putting all my effort into it. I’ve been putting it off for years being nervous and scared to do it, now confident enough to do it!"

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